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Welcome to my blog. Here you can follow my past professional sessions as well as my personal photography. I have camera and do travel as long as we can find some natural light at our destination. I typically do not take paid jobs as of 2015, but love to practice new ideas on cute child models or four-legged friends!

13 days until TWO!

"A dad is a son's first hero!"


Jaxson yelled BUS! as we passed one at the neighborhood middle school this afternoon.

Of course, the teacher in me pulled right over so we could get a closer look!

HE LOVED IT!!  Could not stop talking about it!

Yellow. Bus. Swish Swish. Blinker. Yellow. Bus. Big. Bus. School.

(Look how tiny he is compared to the HUGE bus!)

Then we tried to take a selfie without completely freaking out the bus driver that could not figure out what in the world we were doing!  LOL

22 days left of being ONE!

We spent the afternoon at the doctor's office.

The doctor winced when she looked at his right ear.  It is bright red! 

I can NEVER tell that he is feeling bad. He is just always in a happy mood! 

Even after the doctor, he wanted to go see the "nay!" 

23 days left until TWO! I love you!

As soon as Jaxson could open his hands and think about his "wants" in life, we started teaching him sign language.  He could sign for "milk," "more," and "please."

He communicated with us this way for much longer than we thought. He could say milk and please with his voice, but he still signed it!  I loved it! 

Sceptical folks would say, "No, Jaxson, say please!"

I had to correct them in their thinking that he was not saying please.  HE WAS!!

Josh and I have told Jaxson we love him each night before bed since he was still in the womb.  We have started asking him if he can say it to his Honey (maternal grandmother) or to his paternal grandparents.  He has selected certain things he will use his voice for....a small number to date. 

Recently, though, he has started signing "I love you!" 
No, it is not the official sign language for the phrase. 
I am not sure how this came about, but he has created his own sign for "I love you!" 

It melts my heart!
It is typically paired with a sweet smile, 
but in the picture below, he was wanting "down" because he was "done!"

But here is Jaxson's version of "I love you!"

Sometimes it is just his right hand to the cheek, but at times it is both hands!  He always leans his face down to his right shoulder to show a sweet gesture!  

We love you too, Jaxson Boyd!

Last month of J being one...

Eeekkk...I have missed a few days of posting.  
I felt compelled to share this little quirk of Jaxson today!  

He CANNOT stand when the sharpened tip of a crayon breaks off. He insists on throwing it away!  I am ok with this...they were pennies to the dollar and they are an off-brand crayon anyway! 

He exclaims, "No! NO! NO!" while shaking his head, looking at a broken tip!  

I motion to him to throw it away and I thought that was what he had been doing!  

Until today! 

He knows that dirty dishes he is done with go in the sink!  I guess he thinks the sink will fix a broken crayon too! 

Sweet boy! 

After School Activities ~ Day 26

He almost flat out refuses to come into the house when we get home from school!

He wants to honk the horn and turn on the blinkers and the wipers!

He had a 20 minute melt down when I insisted we come in. I should have taken a picture of that! 

Some days, I think he gets so "hangry" that he is too angry to even stop and eat! 

After he finally decides to eat, and has forgotten about the car, it is time for bed! 

Night Night, Jaxson.

28 and 27 left - Days of J

It was inevitable that I miss a day here and there in the next month!  

Bath and colors! Two of his favorite! 
We got this HUGE crayon for him at the TriState Fair this year!  He LOVES it! 
He is mimicking Mom here.
So cute!
Thanks to his cousins Liam and Emery for the cute little coloring table.
He is very serious when he sits down to pull the table over his lap.